Hi!  Thanks for stopping by :^)

I'm Amie!  I'm living with my American pitbull terrier, Charlie and my wonderful boyfriend of three years.  We just moved to Knoxville, Tennessee from New York state for work, and we're making a home for ourselves here.

While I am short on funds and time, I love to do nail art and wear makeup, and I'm not afraid of bright colors (in moderation!).  I'm starting a blog to try to motivate myself to be creative with my nails and makeup every day, because I find that I feel happier and more confident when I do.

In addition to cosmetics, I love reading, cooking, drawing, and being creative in general.  Graduate school has made it difficult to make time for a creative outlet, but now that it is almost over, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

The Knoxville Paintbox is my little corner of the internet where I plan to post reviews and, potentially, tutorials for makeup and nail polish.  I might even post recipes!  Thanks so much for stopping by :^)

My darling pibble Charlie!